Monday, May 14, 2012

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Professional Label Printing at Your Fingertips

Quality UPC is here to help you get your small business off the ground.  We’ve sold thousands of barcodes over the years to many satisfied customers and it’s great to feel like we’ve played a small, yet important role in their entrepreneurial success.
In order to further support business owners we’re offering $5 off any label printing order placed within the next two weeks.  If you haven’t tried our label printing service just yet, check out the information below to learn about the process and see if professionally printed labels from Quality UPC is what your business needs to quickly get to market.
Our professional printing team can handle all your UPC label printing needs.  We’ve provided a breakdown of the key elements below.
•       We offer the industry’s highest quality custom labels at low competitive prices.
•       All our labels are printed on durable adhesive, long-lasting 100% thermal transfer paper.
•       Quality UPC offers six common sized labels. Perfect for any product!
•       Free label order shipping!  Quality UPC will cover your shipping charges for any order worldwide.
•       Same day order processing allows you to get on with your business.  Within 24 hours of your order all labels will be printed and shipped     USPS Priority Mail.
We look forward to providing all your UPC and label printing needs.  Skip the hassle and leave it to the experts.  Lucky for you, barcodes is what we do best.
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April 18th, 2012 Newsletter

A Brief History of the Barcode

In today’s society, we have become comfortable with the presence of Universal Product Codes, also referred to as UPC’s, on all of our favorite products.  Upon entering a grocery store or a retail outlet, we almost expect to see each one marked with the all too familiar black and white lines that help track sales, inventory, and hold other details unique to that particular product.  Most of us understand the current uses for barcodes, but they weren’t always a commonly used technology, and the history behind this efficient innovation is a story in itself.  This week’s newsletter will focus on some little know, yet highly fascinating facts about the historical timeline of the barcode.
1.     The First Barcodes we’re used on Rail Road Cars – Contrary to popular belief, barcodes we’re not invented to track items in grocery stores.  Instead, the first bar codes used we’re to track railroad cars in transit.
2.     Wrigley’s Gum was the First Product to be Scanned Using a Barcode – This happened on June 26th, 1974.  After years of research, and a successful testing phase, the rollout happened successfully at Marsh’s Supermarket in Troy, Ohio, scanning a pack of Juicy Fruit gum. The pack of gum and the receipt are now on display in the Smithsonian Institution.
3.     Some 200 Grocery Stores Adapt Barcodes by 1977 – After the successful trial run, more tests we’re underwent, then offered to grocery store chains for widespread use.  The innovation was met with skepticism, with only 200 stores actually utilizing the technology.  However, 5 weeks after installing barcode scanners sales in grocery stores typically started climbing and eventually leveled off at a 10-12% increase in sales that never dropped off.
4.     Barcodes and Department of Defense – In 1981 the United States Department of Defense adopted the use of Code 39 for marking all products sold to the United States military.  The DOD’s usage of barcodes greatly increased the larger adoption of this practice, particularly in industrial uses.
5.     Today, Barcodes are Everywhere – The once rare barcode is now used to track everything from products, goods, and people to a variety of items like rental cars, mail, parcels, tickets, etc…
We at Quality UPC love the technological innovations that barcodes have provided and believe there here to stay.  Until, that is, a more innovative and effective technology arises, which we know will happen.  It’s only a question of when.

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March 27th, 2012 Newsletter

Quality UPC Gives Back

The company culture, values, and attention to satisfying customer needs are at the heart of Quality UPC’s success.  At Quality UPC we believe in our product and will strive to help you attain your business goals.  We believe in providing the most user-friendly experience for all of your small business UPC and label printing needs.  We believe in effortless transactions and satisfied customers.  We believe that by providing competitive prices, the newest technological advances, and the highest level of customer service, that we can make your job easier, and get your product to market faster.
We obviously have strong ideas about the right way to do business, but we’re also very concerned about making a positive impact in our communities and across the world.  In support of this ideal, we’re offering 1 FREE UPC barcode for a limited time to any registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Across our globe there are millions of people working in the nonprofit sector in a variety of important areas and we’re here to support that mission.
If you’re a nonprofit organization that sells a product or you know a local nonprofit in your community that is planning on selling items to raise donations and generate awareness, look no further for your UPC requirements.  We know that nonprofits need all the support they can get and Quality UPC is here to help.  Below is a testimonial from another satisfied nonprofit partner who used our barcodes to help with a fund raising campaign.
“Thank you so much for the UPC code. We used them for point of purchase donation slips. They were very clear and clean and looked great. The turnover time was incredibly fast. Thank you! Your UPC code made our fund raising campaign a reality!”
—   Jackie Ralph, Canadian Mental Health Association – Grey Bruce, Ontario, Canada
Quality UPC
Scan Happy :)
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October 3rd, 2011

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1.     Our business to business easy online UPC services are paired with high quality customer support over the phone and through online communications. We are excited about new industry technology and are always on the cutting edge of keeping you up to date.
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3.    If you've ordered a UPC Code through us but, have yet to try our expert printing services now's the time. With our weekly special discount you can receive 500 Labels at half the price! All our labels are printed on 100% durable adhesive thermal transfer paper and ship out within 24-hours. For more information visit us at
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